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Matt JusticeMatt Justice has been involved in the financial markets since 2005. Over the last 6 years, he has developed numerous financial education products such as Trading Labs, and Stock Success Team, and led the development team that completely revised the Tigrent Learning Advanced Training programs. He is also a co-author of multiple coaching manuals including subjects such as stock and options trading, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and forex trading. Matt teaches Master Trader, Cash Flow Options, Trading Labs, and Stock Success System and is currently developing a forex training program. In 2008, his insights into technology, trading, and understanding of what traders need in stock and options analytic software, led him to create the spec that was the basis for the development of MachTrader software.

Matt Justice specializes in all varieties of option trading, including an emphasis on cash flowing in the option market. He also specializes in technical analysis, fundamental analysis, options pricing model, money management, risk assessment, and structuring both a trading business and daily routine. He also focuses on economic analysis in an attempt to “be prepared” for any market reaction.

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