John and Janelle Swiercinsky – Rich Dad Education 2014 Hall of Fame Inductees

Our next inductees into the 2014 Rich Dad Education Hall of Fame are John and Janelle Swiercinsky.

John was able to quit his job in 2004, but he didn’t have a plan for his financial future. Then, in 2008, he attended a Rich Dad workshop and immediately knew real estate investing was the answer.

Janelle Swiercinsky.Over the next two years, John and Janelle attended courses and built a strong foundation of financial education. Then everything “clicked” for them during a mobile home course at a Rich Dad Forum in 2010. Within three months, they purchased a mobile home and then started their first rehab project which netted them $35,400 in profit. John Swiercinsky.

In 2012, they formed iCandy Homes with their partner, Kirby Atwell. To date, they have completed over 44 projects and currently own $4.4 million in properties and have sold over $5.4 million since 2011 alone.

The turning point for John and Janelle came when they realized no one was stopping them from moving forward except themselves. They have experienced tremendous growth and success. And, it all started with Rich Dad Education.

Swiercinsky family photo.

Please join us in congratulating John and Janelle as 2014 inductees into the Rich Dad Education Hall of Fame.

John and janelle.

At our Super Symposium in Las Vegas, we had the honor of welcoming seven new inductees into the Rich Dad Education Hall of Fame.  Each day this week, we will highlight one of our 2014 inductees and share their stories.

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