Improving Your Accuracy in Each Deal

Improving Your Accuracy in Each Deal

One of the challenges of real estate investing is determining the value of the property. It is not an exact art or science, but rather a combination of both art and science. On one side, if you value the property too high, you will not have room for profit because no one would pay higher … Read more

Hi! My name is Kathy Hardtke

Kathy Hardtke

I am thrilled to have been invited to blog about my experiences trading stock and options with Rich Dad.  Since 1998, when I picked up my first Rich Dad book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, I have been hooked on Robert and Kim’s philosophies on becoming financially free through investing.  Their books and courses have changed … Read more

Real Estate Success: Motivation

Real Estate Success: Motivation

This Rich Dad Education Investing examines some of the factors involved in becoming a successful real estate investor. Some Rich Dad education students enjoy tremendous success and achieve all of their goals. Other students never seem to get their real estate investing careers off the ground. By identifying the factors that contribute to the success of … Read more

2 Indicators You Can’t Trade Without


The world of charting is awash with indicators. These tools measure everything you can imagine from volatility and volume to momentum and relative performance. The utility of each study ranges from immensely helpful to utterly useless. The growth of these gadgets continues unabated as chartists of all stripes seem altogether unable to sate their appetite … Read more

Due Diligence for Income Producing Properties

Due Diligence for Income Producing Properties.

No matter what type of property you are purchasing, the Due Diligence process is a necessary part of acquiring real estate. Whether you’re managing the properties yourself or having someone else do it for you, you must take the time to research each property thoroughly. When you do your due diligence, you must take into … Read more

Option Chain

Option Chain

The option chain is a great tool for investors. Budding option traders have a variety of tools for trading. they must familiarize themselves with. One which they will find themselves returning to again and again is the option chain. This particular feature displays pricing information for call-and-put options along with a handful of other key … Read more

Participating Loan Arrangements

Participating Loan

Are you an investor who needs money but is having difficulty finding a lender to loan you money at an interest rate or on terms that will make your deal profitable? Are you a lender who would like to increase your return on the money you are lending to investors? If the answer to either … Read more